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4 Jul 2021
Hola , soy relativamente nuevo en esto del Alfa y estoy aquí para aprender y aportar todo lo que pueda a este fantástico addon

Had time for a short morning run before work, and would see me in a bit. Having been without any adult distraction for some time I was quite eager to meet this gentleman and pleasure him to the fullest. You see I am a pleaser and I receive sexual gratification by allowing my partner or partners to experience the grandest orgasm I can wrench from their burning loins. Only then do I feel like I have meaning. I walked out into my front yard in the early morning predawn light to look for him. Rising with the sun has always been a favorite pass time of mine. live sex chat

He was grateful for the refreshment and took the bottle in one hand while removing the twist off lid with the other. Time was of the essence and I wanted every moment I could get with him. I smiled and said, "Here let me help." Before he could say anything I reached over and pulled his jogging shorts and jock down to his knees. "What the fuck?" he blurted out as he stepped back a step spewing a guzzle of water from his mouth half way across the hall. "I am so hot for you and I know you don’t have much time. Sorry if I can’t control myself but you are so hot!" I said as I reached up and took his shriveled cock in my hand. live sex cams

I dropped to my knees and grabbed his waist with both my hands to steady myself. I lowered my face into his soft thick mound of hair and smelled his crotch. The odor of clean man sweat, mixed with the lingering scent of fragrant body wash filled my nostrils and excited me, like a drug. I licked his large firm sack as I slid his still flaccid cock past my lips. The taste of his most personal area filled me like honey straight from the honeycomb. I savored every bit as his sex organ began to react and grow to my tongue as it lovingly licked and played with his penis while still in my mouth. I could see his legs trembling as his cock began to more quickly respond. free sex chat
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